Saturday, 27 June 2015

Telling my story

On Friday 15th of May we had the Junior School cross-country. We ran hard in the mud and puddles; some of us even ran up and down Cycle Mountain!
We decided to tell our cross-country stories. 
With Carolyn we thought about how we can use paint and symbols to share our story. We thought about what we could see, what we could hear, what we could feel and how we felt in our heart. We then told our story in ‘code’.

Success Criteria:
  • Create a code to tell my story
  • Speak clearly and with expression as I tell my story

How I am going

Plan my writing
Kerri thinks

Add details to my writing
Kerri thinks

Create a code to tell my story
Kerri thinks

Speak clearly and with expression as I tell my story
Kerri thinks


I really like: painting the picture

I think I need to practice: read louder.

Something that really helped me was: Carolyn showing me what to do.

Kerri Thinks
Isaac, you plan your writing with words and pictures. Sometimes you add 2 sentences to your story and I would love to see you do this each day. You are growing in independence as you write and you use your word card to find letters and words all by yourself. You have told your story in words during writing and in paint during art with Carolyn!

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